Pentecost Day – Year C

Acts 2:1-21 (or Genesis 11:1-9); Psalm 104:25-35, 37; Romans 8:14-17 (or Acts 2:1-21); John 114:8-17, (25-27)

“There’s a Pentecost happening every day in the world.  We’re consumed with church and missing God.” – Reggie McNeal

Again this Pentecost Day the focal point is in the first reading from the Acts of the Apostles.  We will look there.

                All of us have things in our personalities that we have inherited from significant people in our youth.  They may have been parents, teachers or a favorite uncle or aunt.  Some of these inherited traits of our personalities are good, and some not so good.  But they make up who we are.  The same is true for the apostles, those who received the Holy Spirit, and through whom the Spirit spoke on that first Pentecost.  Obviously God uses the apostles and us as we are, with all our quirks and good parts.  God honors both, honors us as we are.  Look at the apostles: one was impatient; one was cranky; one was uncertain; one was unfocused; one was self-centered; one was thoughtless; one was . . .  What a rich variety God had to work with.  Pentecost isn’t about speaking incomprehensible languages.  We can only speak from who we are in our totality.  Pentecost is about hearing incomprehensible languages.  We can hear and understand new amazing things if we know where to listen.  We will be amazed if we widen our antenna range.   We might first think to go to church.  Sure, we will find some Spirit filled people in church.  But let us not write off Spirit filled people who are not in church.  After all, they are the majority of the human race.  God also has them as a very rich variety to work with.  God is having a Pentecost every day in the world out there.  If we listen, our very personalities continue to be formed (re-formed), not only in our youth, but even today begin to take a new shape.


                In Acts 2:12 the people ask “What does this mean?”  The Greek literally says: “What does this wish (or will, desire, want) to be?”  Interesting.


Bravely to Spirit

who shakes bare those foundations

so we surely hear.